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What is the StaRN program?

The StaRN program is a unique educational opportunity to meet a critical need for specialty nurses. It is an innovative program designed to provide intense post-graduate training to newly licensed nurses. This intensive training ranges from 12 to 23 weeks designed for Med/Surg, Telemetry, Critical Care, Emergency Room and Perioperative OR and combines classroom instruction, a robust simulation experience and hands-on clinical training done at the hiring facility. Upon completion, the nursing graduates are equipped with knowledge, skills, certifications, familiarity with the facility and staff, exposure to the hospital’s EMR and actual work experience in their unit through preceptorship.

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Tulane Simulation Center
1430 Tulane Ave., #8040
New Orleans LA 70112
(504) 988-9150

What does StaRN stand for?

The acronym StaRN stands for "Specialty Training Apprenticeship for Registered Nurses."

What is the program comprised of?

The program is comprised of a combination of didactic classroom and hands-on skills training, certification testing, high definition simulation and clinical preceptorship at the sponsoring facility.

What is the program content?

The program is based on the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) Essentials of Critical Care Orientation (ECCO) core curriculum. Many of the division and/or facility specific training initiatives are incorporated as well. Learners will be BLS, ACLS, NIH Stroke Scale and CPI certified. Learners will also be trained on Meditech and successfully complete a Didactic and Basic Dysrhythmia final exam.

How long does the program last?

The program runs for 12 to 23 weeks depending on specialty.

How will learner hours be classified for productivity purposes?

All learners will be on HealthTrust payroll for the duration of the training. At time of completion, the learners will be transferred to the facility payroll. As such, they will not be counted in the facility FTE’s until completion of the training.

Are the learners paid during the training?

Yes, learners are paid a salary during the training, at a “training” hourly rate. Learners are categorized as exempt, temporary HealthTrust employees during the program.

What is expected of the learner during the StaRN program?

All learners are required to be present and on-time for EVERY day of didactic, simulation and preceptorship. No exceptions are made for illness, personal emergencies, etc. There is a significant amount of instruction provided each day. The material builds upon itself each week. There are no make-ups in StaRN. Candidates will have seven (7) home study days during the didactic/simulation portion of the program, which they can use to sit for the NCLEX examination if necessary. All learners are expected to come to class daily prepared with laptop and stethoscope, dressed appropriately, and with a professional, engaged, and courteous attitude at all times.

What is the schedule of the StaRN program?

The schedule will be determined by what specialty you focus on. Below is the basic sample of the schedule. Your program coordinator will confirm your final schedule with you directly.

Part One: Training

  • 7-10 weeks depending on specialty
  • Instructor-led classroom training
  • State-of-the-art simulation including comprehensive debriefs
  • Self-directed learning
  • Classroom & simulation may take place at an offsite training location (ask your recruiter for more info)

Part Two: Clinic Preceptorship

  • 6 – 10 weeks (depending on specialty)
  • Conducted at the hospital
  • Regular development meetings between the learner, their preceptor and their Director
  • You will be given a preceptor specifically for you; to train you and get you acclimated to your role

Who are the preceptors?

All preceptors are current facility nurses, selected by the facility for preceptorship opportunities. StaRN recommends selection criteria to assist in the selection. Preceptors attend a 1 day StaRN preceptor training class. The learner and preceptor meet on this day and spend time together. Preceptors must successfully complete the AACN Preceptor Challenge in Healthstream and will be assigned the course by HealthTrust.

Where will the training be conducted?

Didactic & Simulation and Skills labs will be held at the Tulane Simulation Center. Preceptorship is held in the hiring unit at the facility where the nurse will be working upon successful completion of the program.

How are candidates selected?

Prospective candidates interview with the hospitals so they are pre-identified for the units in need. HR delivers the files of the selected candidates to HealthTrust. Healthtrust hires the candidates for the duration of the program. Following successful completion of the program, the nurses are transferred to hospital payroll.

Do the learners pay for the program? Is there a facility commitment following the training?

No. During the program, the learners are paid as full-time salaried/non-except employees. In exchange, the participating nurses make a two-year commitment to work at the sponsor hospital.

When do the learners become full-time hospital employees?

All learners will transition to the facilities payroll following successful completion of the StaRN program (12 to 23 weeks).

Does a candidate need to have nursing license to enter the program?

To enter the StaRN program, all candidates must complete a nursing curriculum at an accredited school of nursing, obtain an ATT letter to sit for licensure exam or have an approved temporary or permanent license.

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