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New Hire Sign-On Bonuses

  • Only new hires eligible for sign-on bonus; prior employees have to be separated from Mission for at least 1 year to be re-eligible for sign on.
  • Former Mission Health employees are eligible ONLY if separated from Mission for 1 year or more. If left mission within 1 year, they are eligible to be Reinstated instead.
    • <1 year = reinstated, >1 year = sign on bonus eligible
  • Payout for all is in the first paycheck with a 2-year commitment to Mission Health unless otherwise specified
  • Full-Time receives full bonus; Part-Time receives half bonus; PRN is $0
  • RN bonuses do not apply to New Grad RNs unless otherwise listed

New Grad RN (All Locations):

  • $5,000 for all Med Surg, Stepdown and Behavioral Health Areas. (2 year commitment). An additional $5,000 will be offered for one additional year on the commitment (3).


  • Up to 5K relocation has been approved in addition to the Sign on Bonus for all RN positions(FT) to be used as needed when a candidate lives more than 50 miles away and will be relocating to the area for a position (this requires a 2 year commitment).

Mission Hospital:

  • $15,000 for full-time RN positions all shifts PACU, CVOR and OR
  • $15,000 for full-time night shift  experienced RN ER positions; $7500 for full-time day shift experienced RN ER
  • $15,000 for full-time experienced RN positions night shift float pool
  • $10,000 for all other full-time experienced RN night shift postions, $5,000 for full-time experienced RN day shift position
  • $5,000 for full-time Surgical Tech OR CVOR positions all shifts (2 year commitment)
  • $1,000 for full-time CNA/PCT positions all shifts (1 year commitment)
  • $1,000 for full-time EVS, Laundry and Patient Transport positions all shifts (1 year commitment)

Member Hospital Locations (All Member Locations AMC, ASH ,BRRH, HCH, MCD, TRH):

  • $2,500 for full-time MLT.MT Lab positions at TRH all shifts (1 year commitment)
  • $1,000 for full-time EVS  positions  all shifts at TRH,AMC,ASH (1 year commitment)
  • $2,500 for PT Social Worker at AMC and TRH (1 year commitment)
  • $5,000 for FT Regional Manager of Case Management. (1 year commitment)
  • $5,000 for all Full Time Experienced RNs all shifts (1 year commitment)

Employee Referral Bonus 

Mission Health: 

  • $3,000 referral bonus for all full-time RN’s; $1,500 referral bonus for part-time RN’s (does not apply to New Grad RNs)
  • $3,000 referral bonus for all full-time PCT/CNA; $1,500 referral bonus for part-time PCT/CNA
  • $1,000 referral bonus for all other full-time positions; $500 referral bonus for all other part-time positions
  • $0 for PRN

*The referral form must be completed by the referring party through iCIMS for the referral to be considered.
*Half of the bonus is given after the new hire completes 90 days and half after one year of employment.
*Must be a current Mission Health employee to participate in the referral bonus program. HR team members and manager and above leaders cannot qualify for a referral bonus.
*This bonus does not apply if the applicant is a rehire (within 12 months) for Mission Health.

Effective with offer dates beginning May 26 – through June 30, 2021 

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