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Behavioral Health Service Line Director

West Palm Beach, FL, United States

This job posting is no longer active.


SHIFT: No Weekends

SCHEDULE: Full-time

JOB TITLE - Program Director

GENERAL SUMMARY OF DUTIES - Plans, organizes, directs, defines and controls services provided with the Behavioral Health Program. Must demonstrate an ability to provide specified services to meet the legal, organizational, hospital and medical staff guidelines.

SUPERVISOR - Behavioral Health Services Designee

SUPERVISES -Directly supervises Community Liaison, Activity Director and Social Worker/Case Manager. Indirectly supervises all other program staff including nursing staff along with Nurse Manager



  • Demonstrates expertise in coordinating, directing and managing all aspects of the treatment program.
  • Develops policies and procedures which relate to the organization, management and treatment systems of the program and coordinates with Medical Director, CNO and Nurse Manager in the development of policies and procedures which relate to clinical and medical consideration
  • Defines the overall philosophy and objectives of the unit in accordance with those of the hospital and interprets same to staff
  • Establishes and maintains an organization plan consistent with the overall hospital organization as evidenced by the organization chart
  • Establishes priorities, schedules task completion and meets scheduled deadlines as evidenced by timeliness of reports
  • Develops and implements improvement to unit methods, systems and procedures
  • Chairs or appoints chairperson(s) to committees as needed and  noted by attendance
  • Responsible for constituting the treatment team and for conducting or designating for conduct of treatment planning and process review conferences
  • Maintains a call roster for physicians affiliated with the program to provide support and consultation as needed
  • Develops an internal QA program to maintain high quality patient care
  • Makes rounds regularly to ensure that patient care program functions are appropriate and that patient needs are being met
  • Develops procedures for evaluating the effectiveness of the program's treatment process to assure the program goals and objectives, patient needs and compliance with all applicable quality standards as well as federal, state and local licensure requirements, codes and regulations are being met.
  • Develops and maintains a successful and satisfactory inquiry/call system and education system to train all staff involved with process of receiving and follow-up with patient inquiries.
  • Demonstrates the ability to financially manage the program
  • Coordinates with CNO, Nurse Manager and Behavioral Health Services to ensure staffing patterns are appropriate for patient population served and meets guidelines
  • Ensures proper and economical use of equipment, supplies and facilities for maintaining patient care
  • Ensures referral development and community education activities are appropriate and ensures the success of the program
  • Consults with patient and patient families, as necessary, for purpose of solving complaints dealing with patient care
  • Serves as the official representative of the unit within the community
  • Coordinates agreements with appropriate community agencies and programs that will ensure continuity of care and the proper use of community resources
  • Serves in a resource capacity to other area agencies both public and private, regarding services available and interprets the program and its services to the general public, staff members, other professionals, and families of  patients
  • Makes or ensures weekly contacts with referral agents
  • Maintains understanding of Hospital ADC goals and referral development activities necessary to meet those goals
  • Demonstrates the ability to maintain and direct qualified personnel
  • Maintains a system that indicates qualifications, experience and accomplishments of each staff member as evidenced by written job descriptions and employee files
  • Establishes standards for the evaluation of personnel performance as evidenced by annual evaluation of employees
  • Recruits, hires, supervises, disciplines personnel and if necessary transfers or dismisses unit staff with the approval of Behavioral Health Services designee and in consultation with human resources of hospital and or corporate human resources
  • Participates in the planning and providing of staff development and in-service training programs for unit staff and supervises the overall unit staff education process
  • Completes all competency programs annually or as required by hospital
  • Oversee and participate in the assessment of patients for admission to program, also ensure that services and admission is available on a 24/7 basis including a call in system.
  • Perform other duties and special projects upon request by Behavioral Health Services Team





  • Must have a valid driver's license
  • A firm grounding in the principles of behavioral health administration and must be capable of organizing, managing, promoting and thoroughly evaluating an inpatient service program.
  • Preferably possess a Master’s Degree in the behavioral sciences, social work, or health administration, or nursing. Nursing degree with appropriate experience is acceptable. Must have two years of full-time experience with at least one year in a supervisory or administrative position.  Bachelor’s Degree with required experience will be considered.
  • License preferred and required if patient assessments are being completed

JFK Medical Center North Campus
Facility: JFK Medical Center North Campus
Job ID: 25956-4756
Category: Directors and Managers
Contract: Full-time
Shift: No Weekends
Job Class: Regular

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